Becoming a certified social enterprise with ST Connect provides information on your business to, and opportunities to interact with, a unique network of corporate and government buyers engaged in social procurement.

Buyers are using Social Traders’ Connect because we are able to provide them with access to hundreds of social enterprises that operate across the country, in a range of industries.

Certified social enterprises are profiled in our communication to buyer members, get opportunities to participate in marketplaces and receive opportunities that are not available to other social enterprises. Most of the the buyers that we work with have operations in every state, so there are opportunities for social enterprises across Australia.

Social Procurement and Social Traders’ Connect is growing rapidly and if you are not a certified social enterprise with Social Traders the buyers we are working with will not have access to your social enterprise.

Social enterprises receive:

  • Social Traders’ certification
  • Connection with relevant business opportunities from buyer members
  • Opportunities to participate in social enterprise marketplaces, networking and training events

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TRY Build

TRY Build

"Social Traders’ Connect has opened up leads with more potential buyers that we may not have had access to otherwise." - Clint Webb

Insights for Social Enterprises

We see social procurement rapidly growing in Australia. Corporates and government are showing growing interest in this space. Explore how social enterprises are benefiting from ST Connect.

To find out more about Connect, call Rebecca Green on 03 8319 8456 or email us an enquiry.

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